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Helping Owners Navigate the Storm Restoration Process

Helping Owners Navigate the Storm Restoration Process

Helping Owners Navigate the Storm Restoration Process
Posted Dec 12th, 2022

Do you have storm damage and want to ensure you are maximizing your claim? We can help! Through our experiences of remodeling homes and helping people recover from hail storm damage, we have encountered a common problem in this business. Home owners are being left empty handed at times because many roofing companies do not know how to handle the complexities of insurance claims. With our certification as storm adjusters, we are able to help our clients walk through the challenges of storm restoration from storm damage assessment to insurance mitigation to full restoration.


Assess the damage. Our company will perform a full house assessment of the storm damage including: We start with evaluating damage on the exterior elevations checking soft metals, like mail boxes, downspouts, gutters, aluminum wrap on windows and garage doors, and fins on your air condenser units. We then check for any personal property that was damaged. This would include patio furniture, grills, flower pots, and childrens toys. Damage to exterior elevations, personal property and roofing metals will tell a story of what direction the hail came from and how hard the hail hit your home. Only after reviewing these issues is the adjuster ready to evaluate the hail damage to your roof. We will most likely check soft metals first, including roof vent tops and HVAC vent caps. Adjusters will then mark off a ten by ten square on the roof and count how many hits they find. Once we have assessed the damage, we are ready to speak with the homeowner to show our findings.


Our company offers a full review of your current insurance claim. We are able to then compare the estimate to our recent findings from our free home evaluation. Often, items are missed or quantities do not match. With the owners permission we can talk with the insurance adjusters to ensure that our concerns have been addressed and that all reasonable changes are made. Since we are certified as adjusters, we can effectively communicate the storm damage to the insurance company. Once this process is finished, if changes are needed, the homeowner will receive a revised estimate with the agreed to changes.


We then can begin to restore the property. Our company uses quality products to ensure that all restoration is performed to the highest standards. We are an all-in-one service provider. We not only address the roof damage but are able to care for all the other damaged items on the estimate. From gutters to siding, roofing to flooring, we cover it all. We will not leave the project until all issues have been addressed to the owners satisfaction.

Benefits of Hailstorm Restoration Company Over Just a Roofing Company

There are several benefits to hiring a hailstorm restoration company rather than just a roofing company:

Expertise in hailstorm damage: Hailstorm restoration companies specialize in repairing the specific types of damage that can be caused by hailstorms, such as dents in metal roofing or shingles, granule loss on asphalt shingles, and broken or missing shingles. We have the expertise to properly assess the extent of the damage and recommend the most appropriate repair or replacement options.

Familiarity with insurance claims process: Hailstorm restoration companies often work closely with insurance companies and are familiar with the claims process. We can help you navigate the claims process and ensure that you receive the full coverage you are entitled to.

Comprehensive services: Hailstorm restoration companies often offer a full range of services related to repairing hailstorm damage, including roof repair or replacement, gutter repair or replacement, and siding repair or replacement. This can save you the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors and ensure that all aspects of the repair are completed properly.

Enhanced efficiency: Because hailstorm restoration companies specialize in repairing hailstorm damage, we are often more efficient at completing repairs than a general roofing company. This can help get your home back to its pre-storm condition more quickly.

Why Golden Oak Renovations?

  • We are not just a roofing company. We are a restoration company.
  • We don’t just restore interiors. We handle full home restoration, including exteriors.
  • We carry you through the whole restoration process, from storm damage assessment to insurance mitigation to home restorations.
  • We offer each customer a free home damage evaluation and free insurance claim review.
  • We use quality products for every restoration project.
  • We have a proven track record of bringing our customers enhanced value to their insurance claims.
  • When you win, we win.

So, come join the family of customers who have experienced quality service and a friendly smile as they navigate their way to full restoration. We are not just another roofing company, but a storm restoration power house at your fingertips. Go from damage to restoration in no time.

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